05h PetCareServices


Pet Sitting Service

Basic Over Night Stay


  • Over night stay (our sitter will stay in your home at night)
  • Pet Feeding
  • Pet "clean-up"
  • Pet exercise
  • Bring in mail
  • Water Plants
  • On/Off Lights for Security

Your pet will be so much happier in their own home. No anxiety!!!
And owners have no worries.
All for only $75.00 per night.
If more then 2 animals $10.00 per additional animal.


Daily Dog Care

$35.00 per day min. 2 days of care.
Visit your pet(s) twice daily to check on him/her
A walk (or playtime)
Feeding & watering
Additional Dog $5.00
Oral Medication and Injections $5.00

Daily Cat Care

$20.00 per day min. 2 days of care
Visit to your Cat(s) once daily w/playtime
includes litter cleaning
Feeding & watering
Additional Cat $5.00
Oral Medication and Injections $5.00

Veterinarian and Grooming Travel
$25.00 per visit to local areas


Dog Walking Services

30 Minute Dog Walks $20.00 

45 Minute Dog Walks $25.00

60 Minute Dog Walks $30.00

Additional Pets $5.00

Multi-Walks are available. Please call for more info.